Roof Upgrade and Mechanical Services Reinstallation


Christchurch Primary School

Oldbury, West Midlands


  • property type

    Single storey existing school building

  • project duration

    4 weeks

  • projectscope

    SMS was engaged to execute a comprehensive project involving the isolation and removal of the existing gas main, modification of flues, dismantling and reinstallation of Air Handling Units (AHUs), and electrical infrastructure adjustments to facilitate the installation of a new roof covering at Christchurch Primary School.


Challenges Faced

The project presented several challenges:

  • Gas Main Relocation: Isolating and removing the existing gas main on the roof, required for new roof installation, followed by reinstallation, purging, and testing.
  • AHU and Ductwork Adaptation: Dismantling and reassembling the existing AHU, modifying ductwork to align with the new roof height.
  • Electrical Infrastructure Adjustments: Removing existing electrical supplies and brackets for new roof covering installation, then installing new brackets and trays to refeed the existing electrical supplies.
  • Term-Time Constraints: Undertaking all works during term time while the school was in full use, requiring careful coordination to minimise disruptions.

Our Solution

SMS addressed the challenges with the following solutions:

  • Precise Gas Main Management: Executed a meticulous process for isolating, removing, and re-installing the gas main, ensuring compliance with safety standards.
  • AHU and Ductwork Expertise: Proficiently dismantled and reinstalled the AHU, modifying ductwork to accommodate the new roof height.
  • Electrical Infrastructure Precision: Removed and reinstated electrical supplies and brackets with precision to facilitate the new roof covering.
  • Term-Time Coordination: Collaborated closely with the school, managing deliveries and scheduling purging and commissioning activities to minimise disruptions during term time.


SMS successfully executed a multi-faceted project involving the relocation of the gas main, adaptation of AHU and ductwork, and adjustments to electrical infrastructure to facilitate a new roof covering. The project's success reflects our commitment to safety, precision, and efficient coordination in operational school environments.


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sec-titleWhy choose us

We specialise in seamlessly delivering innovative and efficient project solutions, ensuring optimal functionality and cost-effectiveness for our clients.

sec-titleWhy choose us

We specialise in seamlessly delivering innovative and efficient project solutions, ensuring optimal functionality and cost-effectiveness for our clients.

With the dust now settling on the completion of the C-ALPS Hydrogen Laboratory research project I would now like to extend my thanks and gratitude for the success of a most challenging project. With some client changes and the impact of the various supply chain materials issues this has not phased anyone and the testament to you all is the conclusion of a great project! Your dedication and persistence has ensured that a great team ethos has been fostered in concluding the work.

Just a quick note to say thank you for a great job, the job looks great and a big part of that look is down to the hard work of your staff who performed to the highest standards. Looking forward to working with the guys again.

Speller Metcalfe - DWP Luton Project

Savesta Construction Ltd was appointed as the Principal Contractor for the new £2.10m Dining Room and Science Classrooms extension project at Moseley Park School, Wolverhampton. From the reconciliation of their quotation and throughout the construction phase we found Staffordshire Mechanical Services Ltd to be engaged and proactive. Their representatives were always happy to engage with the design and progress meetings and provided valuable contributions where necessary. Their works were completed snag free, on time, within budget and without any accidents. Their final account was detailed and transparent resulting in it being promptly agreed. Given our experience, Savesta Construction Ltd

Savesta Construction Ltd, Moseley Park School

Just a quick note to thank you for a job well done. Please pass on my thanks to your team, the feedback is very positive and it looks like nobody has been working over the Easter break, perfect! Thanks again.


I would like to take this moment in time to say thank you to you and your chaps. You have done a great job here at Northampton and I look forward to working with you all again.

Client for DWP Northampton Project

SMS' approach to projects is the best I have personally encountered. Their attention to detail and firm understanding of Mechanical & Electrical systems gives total confidence in project delivery and ultimately client satisfaction.

Chapman BDSP

SMS Ltd were a new Company to us, via the Diocese. They were very professional in how they worked, and were very flexible in working around our school hours and holidays. We had new heating in our nursery, and they also helped out with other water / heating problems we had been incurring for numerous years. Of which, other companies had been unsuccessful. The staff and governors at the school were so pleased with their work that they have asked to include SMS Ltd in tender / quote process for additional work in and around school.

Holly Hill Primary School, Birmingham


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